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TechiesIdentity is a software engineering company offering an extended service called Software Project Rescue. We recognize that projects have been sent to offshore development companies to achieve rapid delivery turnaround time and get it done in a cost effective manner.

For last few years, it has been highlighted by many surveys by a consulting firms like IBM, Gartner, McKinsey that only approximate, 40% of IT projects meet schedule, budget and quality goals and makes self-immune from Failure. Small or Big IT projects, project fails due to many reasons like to exceed the budget or timelines, falsely estimated, unfastened management planning, missing critical functionality, miscommunication between offshore-onshore team or stakeholders, lack of quality code development etc. And finally failure consequences are waste of efforts, time, money and resources.

TechiesIdentity Offshore development teams like fire-fighting jobs and are always enthusiastic to pick project from any stage. Our team believes every business project is equally important irrespective how it’s tagged small or big project and we should follow best practices during the Project Lifecycle Management. Our approach is pretty simple based on a famous English proverb – “good things come in small packages”. We try to create smaller bundles of disconnected projects and hence perform the gap analysis by reviewing documents, code, and project plan.

TechiesIdentity unique approach for software project rescue from any stage –

  • Performing root cause analysis to identify reason of project failure.
  • Documenting the existing, untouched functionalists of the application along with the quality and hazard associated with the project.
  • Engaging skilled team and stakeholders for re-engineering the code.
  • Individual focuses on petite targets to accomplish the main objective.
  • Transparent communication between business, technical team and various stakeholders.

Our re-engineering of application approach knocked down all risks of failure and put the project back on the track. Our team starts classifying key functionality and procedures to conclude whether the project has to modify or rewritten. We documented all our findings and analysis the enclosed risks in resuming any project.

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