Software Product Development

TechiesIdentity experts work closely with the business team at each stage of the Product Development life cycle. We as a product development company helps entrepreneur to mid-size enterprises to match their timely product deliveries and maintenance services of their product.We define our Software Development Services in three phases as shown below-

Validate Idea & Market Analysis

We measure the potential of an idea by passing it through concrete epitomes and also do the regressive investigation about the subject by looking into past, present and future of the market. Before constructing a product this zone remains on fire as our technologist will do brainstorming session, analysis booms, outlining numerous possible roadmaps, describing strategies for the new brand till we conclude and approved from business owner and various stakeholders.

Construct Product

This begins with the first stage of the software development life cycle where our engineering team analysis the requirement and prepares necessary documents, designs, architectural designs and project plans. Also set the milestones and deliverable methodologies of the product. At this stage product will follow the iterative development and testing stages. Our team also follows our customer’s internal standard and specifications.

Release and Support

The time to deliver is to give product release by deploying, technical support and maintenance on pre-production and production environment. Our team assists in implementing industry recommended process management practices like ITIL. We follow release management processes and use the standard tools to build & release every product version for User acceptance testing and live.

Why TechiesIdentity is a Product Development Company?

  • We provide Assurance, Consistency and Security at every phase of Software application development.
  • We offer a dedicated team for the entire product life cycle.
  • We practice transparent and cost effective engagement.
  • We give brand value to your product from its start.
  • At last but not the least, we contract extended support & warranty of the products that we developed for free.

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