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TechiesIdentity offer brand and graphic design services. If you are looking for a company that is Branding Design to modernize your business, then give us a try, and our design experts will be here to help you.

Branding is more than company logo, even though it’s a one of fundamental items, but still, it’s not a brand of the company. The brand is how you showcase yourself to the customer. It’s all about making an impression of your business to the people around the world. Our team articulates the fundamental essence of your business and develops a brand to connect with different types of audience in the worldwide market place. For building a company brand we work on every phase – from in house appearance to on-site representation, from smaller logo font to large banner, visual influence of web designing and promote your graphic design services using social media.

Our Graphic & Brand Design experts work closely with your business team to address resulting key points.

  • Rejuvenating brand to achieve larger audience
  • Setting brand to lead the competitive world
  • Transforming brand spirit into fascinating customer experience
  • Attracting new business opportunities

Name & Logo

Right name with meaningful logo will connect people to your business. We help you to define the factual name with a tag line to represent your business / Company brand design. Our experience & innovative designers put the foundation of branding by design an impactful & catching icons and images for your business. We strictly work branding guidelines for logo designing with various fonts & color combination, appearance on various sizes, display on different places & background.

Illustration Design

Experience the illustration, design with us. The myth is that designer and illustrator are the same do the same work, but in reality is a bit different the illustrator create lively & character driven designs however designer develop an image, icons for various purposes. Illustration work is more like artwork and fine work done by born artist. We have a team who works on realistic designing and give some wonderful illustration designing for many companies across the world. Not surprisingly, but illustration designing help to develop memorable brands.

Visual Design

In the marketing world, visual style design plays a major role in setting up a successful brand. Some moving inimitable images with sound attract customers all around the world. Our team innovates the meaning & attractive portraits to build the popular brand.

Document Design

From office to outside space, representation of a logo, business card, Flyer &Brochures design, Reports, Catalogs, Posters, Newsletters reflects companies brand values. We have a team is avidly inventing the new templates and delivering the printable piece in the form of PDF or .AI files.

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