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As a big data service providers in Software Designing and Development industry TechiesIdentity has always kept themselves on the top of the latest technology trends. We understand that our service line as ‘giving identity to your business!’ can only possible when we understand the merging needs of Business and Technology. Our experts closely analyze the impact of emerging technology in small to large scale enterprise application development company; perform research and keeping up to date with cutting edge technology trends with industry specific.

Internet of Things (IoT)

  • [Devices]
  • [Embedded]
  • [Wearable Technology]

The IoT’s allows you to extend digital businesses and enabling innovation. The Internet of Things has been closely associated with wireless, internet and machine-to-machine communication with or without human interaction.

Interactive Designs

  • [UI/UX]
  • [Mobile First]
  • [Responsive Web Design]

The User Interaction and User Experience has been more reloaded from the last few years as the digital world is shifting from desktop to mobile and looking for close attention to representation in the form of images, icons, fonts.


  • [Android]
  • [iPhone]
  • [Wearable Devices]

Mobile has become important with the rise of the smartphones and smart devices. Mobile Apps development has grown in every industry in today’s world.

Enterprise Applications

  • [Cloud Computing]
  • [Big Data]
  • [Data Analytics]
  • [Saas]

Enterprise application assists the organization in solving enterprise problems by Cloud Testing Services. These applications are about the display, manipulation, and storage of large amounts of data and business process automation.

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