Industries Engagement

We understand industry progression & their business needs along with technologies enrollment to provide growth with innovative solutions to each client.

TechiesIdentity offers a wide-ranging suite of services to help industries complex challenges and develop a business identity.



Techies Identity gives design & development of specialized applications to support healthcare software solution provider organizations and build specific solutions to enhance clinical research, supply chain, medical financial application, driven health apps.We are committed to provide affordable, efficient healthcare solutions.

Hospitality & Transportation

We have been working with some of the world’s finest startup companies in the hospital and the surface transport world and helping them to low cost, productive & competitive designing solutions and innovative product development shaping their business identity & success.


Everyday digital banking is improving the customer experience and mobility solutions, our team experience helped achieving business needs by providing online banking software providers to developing secure & compliance, regulatory product development solutions, Mobile Apps in the financial service industry.


We are an efficient eCommerce application development service company working almost all the eCommerce Content Management System framework from Magento to Shopify, nop Commerce to Big Commerce. Our team holds experience and in-depth knowledge and hold understanding, providing ecommerce software solutions in this sector.


The education industry is one of the technologies demanding industry that needs improved online learning management system, mobile apps, web assessment portal, and virtual classrooms. Our team has capability & dedicatedly working on designing and developing mobile apps for education institutes, also practicing product development on open source platform as ae-learning solution service provider.

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