Company Overview

TechiesIdentity complement two words ‘Techies’&   ‘Identity’. “Techies” is a team of passionate engineers to provide right value solution for the exact business needs. “Identity” is to giving identity to new product development companies i.e.Our client’s business from our work and also identity of engineers who dedicate his time towards achieving our client’s goal.

We are next generation Technology Service firm commenced by a team of experienced IT professionals having “Offshore – Service Delivery Center” (SDC) in Noida (Delhi NCR) , India and business engagement executives worldwide. Our team stands for its innovative approach, focused on business values and its commitment to service.

We are expert in web designing, logo and branding, Mobile app development, Web app development, and Cloud based software applications. We are Custom Software Development Companywith offices spread in India and USA, suitable for start-ups entrepreneurial companies & large scale enterprises. Our Software Development and Maintenance services are promise for all business sectors like Education, Finance, Healthcare, Retail etc.

Why TechiesIdentity

In this competing world where everyone are running to show capacity of doing projects, TechiesIdentity stand with six core values to show as reasons to work better than the best.

  • Ethical Working: We believe and trust in a realist way of working so that we can sustain a long term relationship with every client.
  • No over Promising: This means a lot for our team, we do promise what we can do to sustain our relationship.
  • Upbeat Involvement: Our client identify ‘can do attitude’ in our first meeting and that rolling up delivering on-time milestones.
  • Identity to Businesses: Our aphorism is ‘giving identity to business’, for us every project is business identity for our client and we want to achieve that..
  • Extended Support: We defend every project that we build and offer extended support for all type of projects.
  • On-time Deliveries: Our team member is individual committed for on-time deliveries of the project.

Our Vision

“To be a factual Software Services Provider for the next generation Technology Services with Excellence and Trust.”


  • Giving Identity to Client’s Business.
  • Excellence Software Development and Maintenance Services.
  • Defender of Passionate & Hardworking Techies.
  • Build up a Next Generation Service Community.

Our Values

  • Transparency: In-personal & Organization Level.
  • Commitment: Do what we can do! No over commitment.
  • Respect: Show humanity, respect colleagues and clients.

Ready to get started

To learn more about TechiesIdentity offering, please drop us an email at or call us at +1 214-377-1197

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