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TI uses transparent & finest engagement methodologies to serve diversified global clients. As a next generation IT service provider, we defined engagement life cycle as adorable journey & an identity to their business. So that we can build relationships that result is repeat business, referrals and identity.

“Engagement is a commitment that concerning cost of service to values derived from them.” Traditional IT services offer two basic models – T & M (time & material) and Fixed Price. Now days demand is improving & controlled expenditure plan, apparent estimate on the dollar and the most important factor is to develop an environment that encourages client & vendor team to work towards a common vision. We introduce a new model of engagement – “Bendy Engagement Model (BEM)” model for enterprise application development that fit to a range of clients for their assorted situations & different nature of work.

is a special & a flexible engagement model that has its own unique advantages. The option to decide / pick your own team resources as and when required. Manage highly skilled resource inefficient way as you want. Suitable for onshore-offshore model where trying to outsource some piece of work to offshore India service delivery center.

Fixed Price:
This model is suitable for smaller scale projects where the project scope, requirements of the project and time are clearly defined. Prior to the start of the project the total cost and timeline of the development is agreed by client & vendor.

Time & Material:
This model more refers to the clients that are looking to manage themselves & engage resources in an ad-hoc manner. Same time as this is beneficial to operational support projects where scope grow timely & option to expand slowly & virtually. This model controlled the project cost as it works on engaging functions not as fixed cost.

Our integrated product development techniques help to achieve software’s to deliver globally so that our clients can achieve faster ROI and increase their market presence. Although there are many Development methodologies & Delivery models that reflect in many ways in the industry, we have introduced the balance process that combining best practices & benefits of both models to deliver software that tightens its robustness, on time release & aligns with business requirements.

Over the last few years, we have seemed drastic changes in the development of software that also changes their delivery procedure. From traditional SDLC waterfall development model to agile development practice the industry has implemented various delivery models. But with all delivery mechanism one thing was always remain in focus – on time & quality delivery of the software so that we can stand up against client’s expectation. Our “Agile Development & Delivery Model” is an agile process framework that will be accommodated any type of project scales, from start-up to global customers to develop & deliver the truly global Software Development and Maintenance services.

“A set of activities/patterns applied throughout the software process.”

We take care of quality at every stage if engagement & Development. But what do we mean by Quality? For us, quality means two things:

  • To meet customer requirements: as long we are meeting our customers’ needs, we are maintaining the quality of software.
  • Conformance to specification: meeting international standards, i.e. substantially following some defined specification in our processes.

There are various quality models like McCall’s, Boehm’s and the FURPS(+), Dromey quality model suggested by the quality management gurus. We follow the best practices from all the models and admire Dromey’s quality model. This model focuses & connecting software product services with software quality attributes.

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